Custom Portraits for People

Over the course of the past couple of years, Callie has worked hard making flags for others. We are always looking to expand beyond our own community and discover opportunities to thank special people, businesses, and organizations. Callie's flags and Mixtiles have been reached both local and abroad. There is no feeling more gratifying than knowing how happy you can make someone simply by a kind thought or gesture. They have become truly heartwarming gifts. 

How it Works: Please contact us via email: or DM us through Instagram (@flagsofgratitude) if you would like to have Callie create a digital portrait and Mixtile for someone special. Leave as many details regarding who it's for, including any images or photographs, and an address of where you would like it shipped. Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

All proceeds go to Callie's charities!

Cost: $45 for an 8x8 Mixtile, $50 for an 8x11 Mixtile, and $65 for a 12x12 Mixtile of Callie's drawing (to be approved by customer). Shipping included. 

Payment can be made through Venmo @Andrea-Danysh or PayPal (leave all details in the message).

 Check out our gallery of custom mixtiles!