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We honor everyday heroes with custom, hand-drawn flags and Mixtiles.


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What started with sharpies, paint pens, and white flags from the hardware store quickly became a movement to spread kindness and positivity.

Our story

In March 2020, Callie (then 10 years old!) wanted to spread kindness and positivity to others during the COVID-19 pandemic. She began decorating hundreds of blank white flags with drawings and inspirational messages to give frontline and essential workers, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and community volunteers in and around Morristown, New Jersey.

Then something happened. The flags were so uplifting that it was time to make a more permanent version of the art, for the intended heroes, but also their fans!

Enter our beautiful, ready-to-hang prints that come in various sizes. We partnered with Mixtiles -- amazing framed photo tiles you can hang anywhere without damaging your walls -- to print photographs of Callie's art. All 100% proceeds go directly to charity!

We're happy to report that since March 2020, Callie has raised over $6,000 for local charities ($1,000 for HelpMorrisNow Organization to help feed her community during the COVID lockdown, $2,500 for Good Grief Organization (Morristown, N.J) to help grieving families cope with loss, and $2500 for St. Hubert's Animal Welfare (Madison, N.J) to help homeless and abused animals.

So grab a cup of tea and peruse Callie's art, or start thinking of a custom design you'd love to add to your collection!

Our Story 2020

"There is always someone that we can thank to let them know how much they are appreciated."

- Callie, (then 10 y/o), founder of Flags of Gratitude

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Bring a Flag of Gratitude Home

Shop Ready-Made Prints

How it all began! We partnered with Mixtiles to make beautiful 8x8, framed prints of Callie's original flags, which have lifted people's spirits since the beginning of the pandemic. There are so many wonderful prints to choose from.


Create Custom Flag/Mixtile

There is no feeling more gratifying than knowing how happy you can make someone simply by a kind thought or gesture, such as with custom art! Send an image you'd like Callie to recreate and she'll draw a custom flag which will be made into an 8x8 framed Mixtile.


Create Custom Pet Flag/Mixtile

Custom art of your beloved pet is such a lovely way to remember them. Whether as a tribute to honor their memory, or as gift to recreate your furry best friend ... Order a custom flag drawn by Callie and we will design an 8x8 Mixtile.

Shop Custom for a Special Pet

Shop Tote Bag to Support Ukraine

Callie created this special flag as a way to show support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The war that's taken place on the innocent souls in Ukraine is beyond devastating and heartbreaking. 

All 100% of the money raised through this purchase/fundraiser will be going to support the Ukrainian American Cultural Center of NJ to assist in purchasing the necessary supplies to aid in helping those who have fled and those who have chosen to stay and defend their freedom. We stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦 and will continue to keep them all in our prayers.

Shop Tote Bag to Support Ukraine

Shop Shirts to support Ukraine

Check out the selection of quality apparel (T-shirts and sweatshirts) from our Bonfire Store. You will find shirts with an original drawing of Callie's flag to support Ukraine. All proceeds will be donated to help aid in the Ukrainian relief of the Ukranian American Cultural Center of NJ. "We stand with Ukraine" and continue to pray for peace and healing during this devastating time in the world.


What They're Saying

Bought two Mixtiles and will be back for more. I just am ceaselessly amazed by Callie’s creativity and her family’s support of her project — and grateful that they made these prints available to all of us. I loved seeing the flags around Morristown at the start of the pandemic and am thrilled to have them in my home.


Great cause and wonderful people!


[Callie] is doing amazing things! You may have seen her flags around town .... Callie you rock!

@Ms.Morristown, Blogger

So cute! Beautiful addition to our home!

Maria O.

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